Wir entwickeln und fertigen Spezialwerkzeuge für jeden Sektor

TZ Tools is a young company established in 2005 by two founding partners, both specialised inmachining processes performed using automatic machines. As a result of the company’s ongoing commitment to innovative technology, TZ Tools has grown professionally and gained experience working on various types of tool, achieving a high level of expertise in the manufacture of special tools.

TZ Tools is a market leading manufacturer of special tools thanks to the leading edge numeric control machines it uses. The equipment in the TZ Tools fleet satisfies all machining needs, making it possible to obtain and maintain close tolerances, with excellent repeatability, even on shaped sections and for grinding to a tolerance of +/- 0.001, as in the case of reamers.

For long runs, machine tools are fitted with a loader that allows TZ Tools operators to automate the production process. Additionally, to ensure that there are no errors which could compromise the construction of the tool, three on board stations are used to design the tool, including 3D simulation.

TZ Tools produces special tools for various different business areas, including the automotive, optical and dental sectors, and carefully selects its suppliers after a rigorous qualification process to guarantee the highest standards of quality, control and reliability.