From design to production, from control to delivery

TZ Tools has a mission to serve and satisfy customers fully by designing, implementing and managing leading edge solutions in the field of special tools.
The company offers the following product design services:

1. Customer contact

We start by researching and carefully selecting potential customers, make contact with them, and try to the best of our ability to understand their needs.

2. Tool design

We design the product based on a drawing of the tool provided by the customer or a drawing of the detail to machine.

3. Tool production

The constant exchange of information between us and our customers ensures that we give them the most appropriate product for their machining purposes.

4. Controls

With the help of our experts and machinery, we perform checks, implement corrective action, monitor work and keep in constant contact with the customer.

5. Delivery

If no external treatments are required (coating or other procedures) we deliver the tool to the end customer, taking the greatest care and attention.

6. After-sales assistance:

We perform modifications, corrections, reconditioning and optimisations; we scrupulously follow customers throughout every stage of the process and especially in the after-sale period.

7. Consulting

we advise our customers on the best type of coating according to the material to machine, guaranteeing maximum quality, control and efficiency.