The steps of a good quality

TZ Tools always takes the utmost care over managing and controlling the quality of the products it manufactures. The company has introduced procedures and initiatives that make it possible to define the quality standards required by company management and keep them under control.

To perform checks and controls on its products, TZ Tools has invested in a special workstation equipped with a video camera to check sectional dimensions to a tolerance of +/-0.01mm, while diameter checks are performed using comparators and high resolution micrometers.

TZ Tools monitors products throughout all stages of production:

  • Choice and purchase of high quality raw materials
  • Grinding by numeric control machines and subsequent visual and dimensional checks
  • Tool shaping, followed by actual machining
  • Marking by laser machine to highlight the TZ code and the reference to the customer or production batch
  • Final visual check before shipment to check that there has been no tampering during external work.